Spoilsins is not a team. It is a person. My name is Nikos Broikos. Mainly, I am a programmer. Furthermore, I studied artificial intelligence. I live in Athens, in Greece. Trying to excel in everything I am an every-day gamer, I ride, maintain and fix motorcycles, I love going to the gym and develop my body, I create some programming-projects because it is both relaxing and exciting,  but also a way to develop my programming skills for my career. Every activity I do influences directly my way of life.


Movie reviews

As you can see, I see many movies and SpoilSins is a passion project with many goals in mind. Of course, I like to think about movies, their plot, their protagonists, stories, actors and all sorts of things. Trying to learn about cinematography and movies in general, I try to show with swift short paragraphs, my thoughts about the movies. Most reviews are objective but lets get real, no reviews from no person are 100% subjective. So take in consideration that I am a human person, I have my likes and dislikes but I am a full time nerd and I love it.


Why SpoilSins

Do you have a friend that you go to the movies with? Or that friend that you talk about movies and stuff? Well, I am that guy. Posts are good to be read after the movies if you really do not want spoilers but it won’t harm to have a little fun by reading them before.

While fun is alright, everyone should and must develop themselves, for the sake of both themselves and the society. So there is also a category for some educational articles so anyone can learn some things about cinema.


Short CV

6+ years of experience as a web and business developer

Bachelor: University of Hertfordshire, Computer Science

Master: University of De Montfort, Artificial Intelligence and robotics

Programming languages: PHP, MySQL, C/C++, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Prolog

Languages: Greek as native language, English: Proficiency (Michigan/Cambridge/Lancanshire), German: B1 (Goethe-Institut)

Contact me

E-mail: broikos.nikolaos@gmail.com