Alien Resurrection (1997): Extraterrestrial Redux

6.9/10Alien Resurrection
Extraterrestrial Redux

Its clear the franchise decided to take a detour from a serious galaxy-conquering horror to embrace a slightly more comical route, and boy does it happen with gusto. Our xenophobic alien pals join forces with Ripleys new clone – now part (spoiler alert) alien – for a space opera that tickles your funny bone, chills your spine and leaves your head firmly in the twilight zone. So folks, leave logic at the door; its just another extraterrestrial Tuesday here.


This time around, we find ourselves on a spaceship, amidst maniacal scientists who thought it prudent to clone Ripley, and the Xenomorph queen inside her, for interstellar genetics fun. Drama ensues when freshly baked hybrid newborns escape, causing merry chaos while Ripley struggles with her newly-found maternal instincts towards her Xenomorph offspring. Its a dysfunctional family potboiler served up with a side of alien action.

The movie takes artistic liberty to astronomical levels, quite literally. One ponders how genetic mix-up makes Ripley suddenly good at basketball, or how the alien queen develops a human reproductive system. I suppose in space, no one can hear your plot holes.

On the bright side, the weirdness adds a comedic element thats oddly entertaining. Ripleys rebirth adds depth and Sigourney Weavers performance is stellar. The special effects team certainly earned their paycheck, making the Xenomorphs creepier than ever. Unfortunately, the storyline strays far beyond the realm of sense. Characters bumble around with motives unclear, the cold horror of prior films is replaced by awkward comedy and recycled jump scares that miss the beat more than hit.

Weaver slides into her role with seasoned ease but the stellar performance cant mask the convoluted nature of her characters path. As for the others, its a blend of overacting and underacting. Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet takes a bold approach, risking confusion for a quirkier tone. It’s an admirable effort, albeit imperfectly executed.



So, lets cut to the chase. Despite its headscratching plot, the movie brims with eccentric charm. It’s a cinematic rollercoaster, alternating between cringe and laughter. My own enjoyment stemmed from the sheer audacity of it all. For cravers of unconventional sci-fi and fans of “so bad, it’s good” cinema, this one’s an interstellar treat. Ultimately, it’s a film that redefines the term Alien experience in ways you probably won’t expect. Sit back, grab your popcorn, and brace for a bizarre journey into space.