Alien: Resurrection (1997): clone wars

So, dear Hellboy, you were always a lovable punk, right? Anyway, Alien resurrection did not age exactly like good wine but I hear you. You wished the action in alien movies started sooner. Wish granted. Everything is messed up even by looking at the starting point. Oh and by the way, in the previous movies they dealt with one or two at a time in close spaces. Now there are 12 of those cute black slimes.

I know i wont persuade anyone about alien’s cuteness but i think we can agree on the total suicidal attitude on most of the crew in that ship. Also why is there a flood inside a spaceship? And the rate these black cockroaches grow still irritates me though.

Lets count some wins shall we? Smart aliens act smart as well. Alien spawn kill is always welcome. Randomly deformed human clones in jars beautifully executed. Human-like albino alien is an original addition. Knife to disabled person’s leg is a damn good joke. So yeah, the basic team are nice characters and the action is plenty. For these reasons, most of the plot stupidities are excused. Good thriller ladies and gentlemen.

Even if its not the best of the aliens movie, I keep asking how they managed to make such tasteful and smart movies then and now you need to go on a safari for quality movies.
Be warned however. Even if, alien are not kids movies, alien resurrection is a monster show. Spectacular, smart and tasteful monster show. So if you are easily startled, stay away from this. But if you are into thrillers and action, do yourself a favour. Plan two to three days and watch these movies as long as you have no problem sleeping afterwards.

Favorite quotes:
“Johner: I’m not the mechanic here, Ironsides! I mostly just hurt people!”
“Johner: Must be a chick thing.”
“Distephano: I thought you were dead! Ripley: Yeah, I get that a lot.”