Angry birds 2 (2019): reason for a sequel

Sequel done right. Angry birds 2 stays true to the general story and universe of angry birds, but introduces a twist. Actually more than one, because of 2-3 parallel stories are unraveled together, to be delightfully joined in the right moments.

The established world is going to take a hit, so the 2 enemies must work as a team. Hence the title. Please note that you will find no logic in the foundations of the angry birds movies and you will be a happier individual.

A bunch of feelings, meanings and relationships are introduced to the plot, like the find-a-date event, the family gathering example and the regroup of 2 old lovers. This has little effect on the movie but definitely spices things up and changes the way the story is executed.


You know from the first movie what you would like to see again and this is what you get. Plenty and good laugh, the right amount of excitement, a good plot, sarcastic scenes and happy ending. That is a truly nice family, comedy-animated movie for you.

Favourite quotes

  • “Zoe: Woo-hoo! We did it. That was so easy! Vivi: Yeah! A little too easy, actually. Zoe: What do you mean by that? Vivi: Well, normally, when things are this easy, some dramatically unexpected setback occurs.”
  • “Bomb’s Mom: Bomb, what was that noise? You’re still grounded! Bomb: I’m an adult, mom!”