Angry birds (2016): no joke funny

Just to settle this before actually starting. Angry birds is something without a reason to be a movie in the first place. Now lets start by saying that the movie is freaking awesome!

Either with or without the hype from the game, the movie has a great plot and the characters are introduced brilliantly. The pace is set and is adjusted spectacularly and appropriately. Everyone has a character that creates empathy. Even if as a universe, the islands do not have enough room of existence no matter how much ignorance we bring to the table, the “angry birds” world is understandable and likable.

Now I truly believe that this is a great example of a family movie. There is enough violent humor to crack some laughs but not violent enough to scare a puppy, smart but funny phrases and enough well-timed adult humor for the rest of the pie.

For that specific movie length, the movie manages to be boring-free, as the plot always has something to offer. The voice-acting is spot on and all actors just did an incredible job developing their character. The enemies introduce a sizable threat to the game and the protagonist makes a more than enthusiastic effort in every act of the movie, teaching a valuable lesson.


If you want conclusions go to the classroom. This is Angry birds. An awesome animated movie.

Favourite quotes

  • “Matilda: Where’s your homework? Red: I don’t have it. Matilda: Why not? Red: I didn’t do it. I thought about doing it until I realized it would be a total waste of my time!”
  • “Red: Drop your nuts and move your butts!”
  • “Red: Oh look at this. This is going to be awful.”