Baby driver (2017): underdog perspective

Wow! Every action taken is on the beat! Hm… Well lets talking about the bad stuff first. Imagine that nasty noise in your ears after you come home from hours of partying while being blasted from bass-boosted music. Now imagine having that nasty noise forever. That is my theory of what Baby is dealing with.Needless to say, every man carries his own cross.

Anyway, let me wash my mouth before talking about a modern masterpiece. Alright… even from the first minutes, the film sets the pace, reveals the main character and develops a huge chunk of their personality. That is called talent. So we already know who how good baby is, what he does, what his style is and what he likes.

Now lets dive into the story-line, where he is (and honestly in your gut you feel that he will always be) trapped by a criminal. However, everyone plays their role no matter how important or not, because even the not important ones, complete a very carefully tailored story. That again, is called talent. Moving on, this also develops into a love story (which you also feel in your gut). Now, we have a relate-able and well developed main character, with on-point driving skills with lots of love for pop culture and a young girl, trying to escape the criminal-way-of-life. Just awesome.

Baby as a film gives the impression that Baby as a character could be you and me. That impression and bond is created by the small imperfections in the way Baby does what he is best at. Meaning that he needs precise timing from songs to tune in. Who has not rewind a song to at least have a certain melody play while doing something special? I know you wouldn’t click and read these lines if you had not.


This is one of the exceptions of modern cinema films where the pop-culture creates something well-written, well-planned, well-executed and (on top of all that) unique projects. The film smells perfection inside-out.

Favourite quotes

  • “Freddy: Wait, wait, wait. We still don’t know if the suit is bulletproof, or if you are. Shoot him in the face. Shazam: Shoot me in the face! … In the face?”
  • “Freddy: Supervillain! Supervillain! Dr. Thaddeus Sivana: Worse. Much worse. Freddy : Radioactive anthromorph? Psychic energy manipulator? I won’t let you read my mind! My mind is blank! You can’t get in!”