Crypto(2019): kinda about crypto

From a line that a character says, what a beautiful bone-structure! Our protagonist is a smart young man and a “”banker”” who made it to the “big” life. He was sent to his hometown to investigate about a fraud, which he does investigate the seemingly innocent people of this quite town while meeting his old friends, schoolmates, brother and father with whom they had a tempered relationship at best.

From what you read, you can assume that there are not a lot going on about crypto-currency and they do not.

The main story-line is about our protagonist figuring out what the catch is in this seemingly innocent town and fixing an entirety broken relationship with his father and brother.

Having to definitely roast this scene where our protagonist finally comes to help his father and brother do some labour work in the potato field and he puts off his shirt and throws it in the tractor while looking straight ahead. What a juicy combination of cringe and laughter.

Enjoyable, but nothing more than an interesting and solid film with sudden plot twists, character diversity and a pleasant happy ending.