Godzilla (2019): talking too much

I do not know how they did it and why I feel this way but the roar of Godzilla really wakes the scared child inside me.

From a cinematic approach this is a jaw dropping film. They used every modern tool available (and human experience and talent – always give credit to that) to create stunning effects, scenery and obviously monsters. Realistic, scary, thinking monsters. That is a true feat and a broken barrier from films of previous generations.

The story begins with a global organization waking the monsters to cleanse the planet from humanity while claiming this to be a necessity and good reason. All monsters do wake up and destroy every major city. However in the movie, only Godzilla and Mothra who are defending the mankind and Ghidorah and Rodan opposing them join the fight. After saying these lines you can guess how the story goes and ends. The script tries to throw some human touch and have a drama going on but it is boring as the hell created by the monsters destroying the planet.

To be honest, I did not want to write a review about “King of the Monsters”. The human factor played a big role and unfortunately ruined lots of good scenes and created awkward silence, plot holes and several unanswered questions, all this done by borderline poor acting. And no dear doctors and marines, you do not need to tell me what I already see on screen. I know that a monster is free. I just saw it unfreeze. I also know when I see Godzilla on screen. No-one needs to tell me thee times in total.

Obviously, I can not leave the monsters themselves without comment. While everything is eye-candy and you just want more, having only four monsters being a significant part in the movies plot is heartbreaking. Another point of view is that only four monsters had leading “roles” (if someone could describe it as such), because it was more important to have more time (doable if some humans could shut up) for the character of each monster to develop on screen which is something more difficult when a monster is clearly not speaking.


The film is a spectacle. Have some patience about human errors in the script and for that, the flow of movement, character and view of the monsters will have you more than satisfied and happy while watching the movie.

Favourite quotes

  • “Dr. Ishiro: Sometimes, the only way to heal our wounds is to make peace with the demons who created them.”
  • “Senator Williams: So you’d want to make Godzilla our pet. Dr. Ishiro: No. We would be his”
  • “Dr. Rick: Oh, yeah, sure. Let’s bring him in for a beer. Mark: No. This time we join the fight.”
  • “Jonah: Long live the king.”