Music in Movies

The experience of films is far from only visual. If music is used correctly, it can enhance the emotions of any scene.

Sounds are both statistically and scientifically proven to affect our psychology.

Music can be either narrative, exciting, unnerving-terrorizing, mysterious, romantic, relaxing, triumphant or whatever melody you can think of, as long as it suits and serves its purpose, like getting the viewer ready, excite him, build the theme and aura of a character or calm him.

Sometimes the music is overwhelming. There are a few times where the audio stands out, but it needs to complement the movie or scene, not overshadow it. However, it is important for the music to help and set the mood, the psychology of the audience and enhance the viewing experience. Music is not the main part even if it is a very important one.

You can think in an instant several movies that are recognizable for their soundtracks and vice versa. This is a good example of doing something right. A memorable experience is created for the viewers. While the music either sets the mood or enhances the momentary feelings or both, with or without a musical transition, the movie becomes memorable because ultimately, you guessed it… it is a good experience. In a conversation after a good film, you talk about how good and appropriate the music was at enhancing the film.