Rampage (2018): Chaos Unleashed

Chaos Unleashed

Ironically, the gorilla named George is the most likable character in this glorified B-movie. Dwayne The Rock” Johnson is magnetic, sure, but I found myself living in this parallel universe where Im guessing the one-liners of a CGI primate. Villains? Stereotyped. But, hey its an action packed calamity circus, you werent expecting Shakespeare here, folks. Dont forget, down in your seat is a tub of popcorn, its there for a reason. Popcorn movie, ladies and gentlemen.

Dwayne Johnson plays Davis Okoye, a primatologist who shares an unshakable bond with George, an extraordinarily intelligent albino gorilla. A rogue genetic experiment goes awry mutating this gentle ape into a raging creature of monstrous proportions. As these newly created fearsome beasts smash across North America, Okoye teams with a discredited genetic engineer to quell this global catastrophe and save his hominid friend. An urban King Kong mayhem, just splashier and bigger, heavy on destruction, light on plot.

A friendly, heroic gorilla who understands sign language is an endearing concept. But when he and other lovable creatures enlarge to skyscraper size due to a mystery serum. Well, one may begin to question if this plot sprang from a game of mad-libs wrong.

On the plus side, Rampage embraces its own ridiculousness, with cartoony effects making the truth-stretching creatures an amusing watch. Plus, theres always Dwayne Johnsons undeniable charisma. But, its a mixed joy. Entertainingly cringe-worthy dialogue is often eclipsed by a plot so flimsy, it could be made of moth-eaten lace. It’s a rollercoaster of absurdity that leaves you chuckling one moment and scratching your head the next, wondering how our rational laws of physics left the building.

Dwayne Johnson flexes his action-hero persona effectively, blending muscle with empathy. His cast mates however, struggle with their cardboard-thin characters. As for the director, Brad Peyton, his work is an exercise in excess: everything must either explode, collapse, or eat helicopters. Subtlety and nuance need not apply here.


Lets be clear: nobody saunters into a movie about supersized creatures with an appetite for urban decor expecting a profound existential journey. Its a flick where things go boom, and Dwayne Johnson talks to a gorilla, people – GOLD. Simply put, if you enjoy pithy one-liners, mass destruction and Johnsons charm offensive, this is your outrageous cup of cinematic tea. Just remember to check your brain at the door, along with any highbrow film expectations. Get ready for some magnificent mayhem.