Raya And The Last Dragon(2021)

Like all Disney movie, 'Raya' is absolutely pleasant to watch for every age. It's an adventure, comedy, action, fantasy, animation movie.
The story takes place in Kumandra, an imaginable, ancient world shaping like dragon that people believe and honor dragons. So, in peaceful Kumandra, one day, a kind of plague called 'the Druun' appeared and spread there, turning every human being into stone with its touch. So, the last dragon (named Sisudatu) had to protect the poeple of Kumandra and so she blasted the evil entity by bringing together all her magic into a gem (like the mana boxes in Justice League) and everyone came back from stone. After the sacrifice of Sisu the dragon she disappeared, letting people with nothing to protect them but that gem with the magic power of hers.

The residents of Kumandra showed greed and decided to divide Kumandra into five pieces, the tail, the talon, the Spine, the Fang and the heart. Also, we see the gem to be placed at the Heart, till one day, the chief of the Heart desides to invite the chiefs of the other lands with the intention to make a truce and reunity Kumandra again. This hopeful event turned into fiasco with the gem be broken and parted to all five chiefs to protect their lands from the Druun. After Drum has flooded all the area of Heart and so its people, the only one survivor, a little girl, Raya, decide to recall the last dragon to help her gather all the piece of the gem to kill the Drum completely. The story ends, of course, with the sacrifice of all the pecies of the old Kumandra against the evil.

Comparing the most Disney movies, I think it's the only one, so far, that you can distinguish the mishap from a betrayal, especially from an innocent, apparently, kid (big spoil here). As you see at the begining of the review, this movie is suitable for those who has trust issues. Also, we notice the importance and the significance of being unitied with other species, races etc and last but not least, you will see more women warriors in command than men and I kinda like that. Although, the scenario includes of course many funny and humorously scenes that keeps the balance from the unpleasant emotions because of the plot. In the end, as in all Disney movies, this one also gives you a big lesson.


I really like that the scenario of this Disney's movie is not that childish but bold by adding some mulitary scenes between the two female protaginists, using actual weapons and punches. So, if you
enjoy Disney movies but you feel too old for animations, this one is a good choice, with no regrets.

Favourite quotes

  • "Sisu: Also, you broke the gem! -Raya: But I still have a big chunk of it though. -Sisu: Is that supposed to make me feel better? If you lost a puppy and I said, “Well we still have a big chunk of it,” would that make you feel better?"
  • "Raya in Talon: Really? A con baby!"
  • "Raya: Yeah, well, the world’s broken. You can’t trust anyone.- Sisu: Or maybe it’s broken, because you don’t trust anyone."