Romeo + Juliet (1996): LoveBound Disaster

7.4/10Romeo + Juliet
LoveBound Disaster

DiCaprio exudes Shakespearian street cred while in grungy Hawaiian shirts, giving us a Romeo born out of MTV Beach House rather than any Italian tragedy. Danes gives us a wonderstruck Juliet, grappling with a crush so intense she could selfie it. Together, they swap Elizabethan dialogues like teenage text messages – star-crossed lovers or hormone-ravaged teenagers deciding where to eat, you decide. Packed with neon aesthetics and a soundtrack that screams 90s nostalgia, its textbook Baz Luhrmann – ludicrous yet so visually intoxicating you cant look away.

There’s trouble in Verona Beach: Montagues and Capulets cant stop duking it out like teens over the last slice of pizza. Among this ruckus, young Romeo meets Juliet at a fancy-dress ball. Madly in love, they secretly marry, sending readers down a hey-its-my-childhood-favorite-oh-no-why-are-they-dying zone. Their star-crossed romance unfolds amidst gang wars, rad pool parties, and molotov cocktails, culminating in heartbreak and a hefty dose of Shakespearean dramatic irony!

Plot holes? This flick practically mainlines them like Red Bull. Not least the death-by-mail-blunder climax – seriously, ever heard of same-day delivery guys? Also, could someone please explain why the city’s police chief allows duels in gas stations? Fail, Verona PD, epic fail.

Sexy sword-fights, flashy gun toting, and antique verse in a Californian accent – dare I say entertaining? However, Luhrmann in his signature ADHD-style filmmaking, loses the poetry of Shakespeare speeding past languid plot moments like a cheetah on rollerblades. The highlight? It boasts an eclectic soundtrack, a smorgasbord of pop and grunge, reverberating the palpable angst of the young lovers. Ironically, for all its superficial gloss and glamour, the film lands the raw emotions admirably. Its audacious tragedy dressed in fishnet stockings!

DiCaprios tragic boy king Romeo paired aesthetically with Danes’ doe-eyed Juliet – overacting or teenagers in love? It’s like Pictionary with hysteria. As for our maestro Luhrmann, he churns tragedy into mediocrity with his hyperactivity, yet its impossible to stop watching his rollercoaster wreck of genius.


For all its neon-soaked shenanigans, hormonal overdrive and a soundtrack thats a love letter to the swinging 90s, this ersatz Shakespearean romp is a riot. It titillates and chokes, sometimes in the same heartbeat! Full marks for transforming classic ink into a dazzling kaleidoscope of high-octane drama and Halloween party costumes. Suitable for the Bards lovers and those who slept through English Literature. Not your everyday iambic pentameter, folks – this ones for those who like their drama loud, reckless, and served with a side of travesty. Grab your popcorn!