Terminator (2019): please be back

I ‘ll be back… to see another terminator movie no matter how good or bad its gonna be. But dude, I would like it to be good. Even early on, you can tell that the movie cares more about partially satisfying some minorities than having some heart. And by having some heart, the fans of the terminator universe would be much happier with a bigger impact. Please internet people do not get me wrong, I am not saying something is right/wrong and I am not pro/against something but this is what it is and I am only in favor of a better movie.

That ended up bigger than expected. However, this frees the space to talk about the enemy. Well the reason to start with the enemy is that a single character/person/threat/entity represents a future that the mankind wants to avoid. This is a very difficult task to achieve in a movie and it is a job well done. The threat is real, unavoidable and badass. Probably and hopefully not like-able, but badass indeed.

As a team, the protagonists assemble a good and interesting team that each fulfills a role, both plot-wise and war-wise. Reyes playing Dani, is the VIP that needs to live no matter what, who also is the child of the team, ignorant but full of spirit and with the burning flame of resistance. Hamilton playing Sarah is the veteran of the war also being the wise parent of the company. Davis playing Grace is the muscle of the group, but plays a significant connecting link between all of the other members. Last but certainly not least, the man who will unfortunately not be back for more, Schwarzenegger playing T-800 or Carl, who is there as the badass soldier and as a good uncle of the family that gets there to help the family when it needs it the most.

The plot is believable, the scenes are juicy, the pace is very good most of the time, and the acting is very good for the movie you want to see. However, dear movie tell me please, why did you give Sarah Connor a big chance to kill the REV-9 and just abandon it in the first minutes of action time? I know if she did kill the REV-9 we would not have a movie at all but come on… do not give her the chance at all in the script.


With chilling one-liners, good jokes, juicy explosions, a fair piece of nostalgia and original ideas, the Dark Fate is something more than a good choice to watch.

Favourite quotes

  • “Carl: This plan of a high probability of success.”
  • “Sarah: I’ll be back.”
  • “Carl: I won’t be back.”