The Goonies (1985): Treasure Shenanigans

8/10The Goonies
Treasure Shenanigans

The movies subtle charm lies in Mikeys gap-toothed grin, mouthy Chunks unexpected heroism, and Datas hilariously ineffective gadgets. Its a gloriously rambling ride where every absurdity is digested with Spielbergs magical pizzazz. Yes, it teeters on ludicrous, but thats the beauty! The Goonies doesnt just dip its toe into ridiculousness—it does an Olympic dive! Millennial viewers might sneer at the outdated technology (maps? compasses? pre-Google!), but let them. Theyre the ones missing out on the authentic experience of a generation sparked by wonder, before technology consumed our imaginations.

Rallying to save their homes from real estate developers, a group of kids stumbles upon an ancient treasure map. The youthful gang, dubbed the Goonies, embarks on a wild adventure, unpacking secrets, navigating booby-trapped underground caves and evading the ignoble Fratelli gang. All while chasing the mythical treasure of pirate One-Eyed Willie. This chaotic odyssey balances suspense, sentiment, and slapstick with such precision, you’d be hard-pressed to find a stale moment.

Sure, The Goonies has plot holes that could outsize the caverns the youngsters navigate. An abandoned restaurant, dangerous traps conveniently intact after centuries, and an organ made of bones still in tune? Not to mention, the FBI never shows up despite these kids being on national news. Plot glue, anyone?

What this cinematic marvel lacks in plot logic, it more than makes up for with emotive performances, breathless pacing, and exquisite set pieces. Every Goonie has a distinct personality, making the audience both laugh and cry. However, adults looking for intricate plot development may be left wanting. The Fratellis, despite being villains, seem less threatening and more cartoonish. Its a film that thrives on heart and humor, while occasionally tripping over its own ambition.


Fueled by a potent cocktail of youthful zest and directorial flair, the cast delivers with infectious enthusiasm. The group chemistry shines, particularly between Feldman, Astin, and Cohen. As director, Richard Donner’s masterful weaving of humor and drama creates an unforgettable 80s time capsule.


To sum it up, this flamboyant saga is an ode to childhood, pandemonium, and the sheer joy of adventure. It takes your logical reasoning, crumbles it up, and tosses it out the window – and you cant help but enjoy the chaotic ride! Its for those 80s kids who refuse to grow up, and also for the new kids on the block seeking a giddy, gadget-filled expedition. It’s a ‘truffle shuffle’ between ridiculous and heartwarming that is simply, irresistibly Goonies.