The Purge: Election Year (2016): Democrazy Nights

7.1/10The Purge: Election Year
Democrazy Nights

The Purge: Election Year is about as subtle as a chainsaw and twice as loud. Its the cinematic equivalent of that friend who screams surprise! at their own birthday party. Wrongs have been righted, familiar settings defaced, dark humor infused – its a heady mix of carnage and politics, bit like Thanksgiving dinner then. Love it or cringe, its hard to deny that the movie paints a spree of chaos in quite an exhilarating package. Grab your popcorn, its going to be a bumpy night!

The plot centers around a Senator with guts of steel, Roan, aiming to uproot the barbaric tradition of the annual Purge, while fending off assassination attempts since she is a significant roadblock for gruesome profiteers. Her survival hinges on her battle-tested Head of Security, Leo. Subplots interweave uniquely, involving a storeowner, a rebellious teen, and a bloody battle for survival – all wrapped in a toxic, terrifying night. A dystopic political thriller that serves as a metaphor for contemporary societal woes. Its like political satire took a dark, violent detour.

Oh, boy! Time to suspend logic as theres more holes in this plot than your average Swiss cheese. Navigate through a security system that leaves the senator exposed and a questionable healthcare service. Need a medevac during Purge night? Apparently, theres a chopper for that!

While the characters are a likable bunch defended by an unconvincing security detail, the chaotic pacing ensures viewers are never bored. The films strong socio-political backdrop is a definite plus, but it struggles with tone, oscillating between grim seriousness and campy violence. The sanguinary scenes are viscerally thrilling, but the questionable logic tests patience. Upside? Its cynically hilarious commentary on politics in its chaotic climax. Downside? Some might find the portrayal of the nation’s social divide a bit too on-the-nose.

The acting ensemble does a commendable job, bringing gravitas to their roles, even when caught in laughably grim situations. The director, James DeMonaco, skillfully manipulates tension, ups the ante and navigates the dystopian landscape, despite narrative inconsistencies. His blend of horror and satire borders on audacious.


Despite its Swiss cheese plot and occasional descent into madness, credit where its due – this movie takes its ridiculous premise and runs with it. Like a political panto on performance-enhancing drugs, it hammers home its points while making us laugh, gasp and cringe. I reveled in the absurdity, like watching a violent soap opera narrated by a snarky newscaster. The tension, bloodbath and camp all intertwine brilliantly – its for those who love their politics served with a side of gore-tastic chaos. Buckle up, youre in for a wild ride!