Thor: Love and thunder (2022) – and rock and gods and fun

Right from the start, you do not figure it out yet but you meet a perfect embodiment of a bad guy from Christian Bale as Gorr lifting a huge weight for the movie. Thor as a character in his own movie sets a casual and funny tone but he has lost the sense of action and consequence without bothering you.

Story-wise, Gorr vowed to kill all gods because his god that he worshipped, humiliated Gorr (and indirectly killed his daughter) so with the help of the Necrosword weapon he seeks and kills gods while Thor tries to stop him.

Of course you know that Natalie Portman is in the movie but she will not be the part of the main romance. And the main reason is that Stormbreaker (yes the axe) is jealous of Mjolnir (yes the hammer). It needs to be said that there are a lot of stupid jokes that would not work. However, because the tone is set that way, everything is acceptable and funny.

Time to point out the tiny plot hole where Gorr kills gods but after killing some, he decides to go to the realm of Eternity, who can grant his wish to destroy all gods. To do that he needs Thor’s axe, Stormbreaker but the point is why did Gorr killed a bunch of gods before chasing Thor in the first place to get to Eternity. The answer is so that the movie can get a good setup but still the logical plot hole exists.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor is going through a midlife crisis as he is “just trying to figure out his purpose, trying to figure out exactly who he is and why he’s a hero or whether he should be a hero”. The character arc is smooth and understandable as he starts like a feather in the wind, doing stuff that might not make absolute sense but Thor gets to the mental state where he is truly strong and finds a purpose translating in a visual and verbal transformation of the character.


The movie handles everything almost perfectly. It is funny, has awesome flow, all the characters do what they are supposed to do without overshadowing anything. That kind of alternative humor is totally welcome. Last but not least the rock music and slow motion boost your dopamine levels.

Favourite quotes

  • “Thor: My Super Hero-ing days are over.”
  • “Gorr: It Doesn’t Feel Like A Curse, It Feels Like A Promise.”
  • “Thor: Stormbreaker, Is This About Mjolnir?”
  • “Thor: What A Classic Thor Adventure!”