Braveheart (1995): women behind everything

Meet William Wallace the true Braveheart. A Scottish man who began his life journey as a kid who lost his father due to politics, grew up, loved and lost his wife again from tyranny and [SPOILER ALERT] died himself for his country.

Personally I loved the perspective of their marriage. "I am a good guy... you are a good girl... I love you... lets get married!"

You know what else I personally loved? The freaking soundtrack!

Juicy part incoming. There are neither lots of nor extreme gore-scenes. However the brutal medieval warfare is plentiful and these scenes are pretty much juicy and enjoyable, reflecting the seriousness of the film.

The film is full of good acting, suspense and jaw-dropping scenery. Also damn, they know where to turn the camera lens to. Every simple scene can be enhanced by some simple lights and the right angle and that is what they did.

Going to touch a sensitive subject. It is up to you to accept or reject the idea and how accurate the representation of rulers and rebels is. Meaning that a ruler can be either a wise, ruthless king or a sophomoric but childish prince and the layman-rebel can be either a brave and fair noble man or an opportunist scum. The use of stereotypes is well executed and with a valid purpose.


Even with modern standards, it is an epic film from start to finish. Succeeding to replicate the filth and mood of several centuries ago, some might notice some minor mistakes but 5 Oscars do not lie. It is a passion project. Well done Mr. Gibson.

Favourite quotes

  • "William Wallace: Freedom!"
  • "William Wallace: Every man dies. Not every man really lives."
  • "Malcolm Wallace: I know you can fight, but it's our wits that make us men."
  • "William Wallace: Are you ready for a war?"