Well as far as the short description goes, a reckless superhuman that costs millions to his home-city evolving into a superhero is pretty accurate for Hancock.

Also, the movie shows a very interesting perspective about the downsides you can face in your social life if you happened to be an amplified human being. At last, there is a superhero movie where the actions of the superhero (debatable) have consequences in the real world, with cost-to-skate and lawsuits!

As a person, Hanckock (Will Smith) is at his low point in life even as a superhuman. A clumsy alcoholic person with superpowers that tries to do good and help people. And does so with some collateral damage every time. It is nice that we can take a peak at the everyday life of a superhuman, morning routines and even at their intimate moments.


Acting-wise it… is… hm… it is… Ok, as the story progresses you do not see any humor but some moments are funny. Can you relate to the characters? Well, that is the key question to the movie because I think you can. And more than enough for you to like the movie. And you will like the movie if you free your mind and create your food for thought. Because in the end this is its strong point.

Will Smith even if you can still see that brings his own personality in the movie, he makes Hancock a more subtle superhuman who started from the top of the food-chain that ended near the bottom, filled with doubts in the process.

What ruined an important part of the movie, was the anticlimactic third-act of the movie. A bigger and more awesome bad guy or a bigger threat was needed to complement the powers of the superhumans. Either you want/like it or not, it is a superhero movie and it needs an actual threat, other wise it is just a drama story dealing with loss.

Movie review conclusions

Hancock is a good way to pass the time. If you are into pop-culture, it gives a nice perspective into a superhero life. You will enjoy it if you can make your brain observe things from another view.

Favourite quotes

  • “Woman: Your breath smells like alcohol! Hancock: That’s cause I’ve been drinking bitch!”
  • “Hancock: You’d better not hit me with that truck!”
  • “Hancock: Gotta wonder, though. What kind of bastard must I have been, that nobody was there to claim me? I mean, I’m… I’m not the most charming guy in the world, so I’ve been told, but… nobody?”