Jurassic Park (1993):multi-million ghost investment

Welcome to Jurassic park. Where entire fortunes were invested, technologies like cloning were developed, an island was build and nothing was leaked (not to mention dinosaurs). Not going to deal with details again. That is a promise.

Following an archaeologist's approach to make it easier for the viewer to understand the science and importance behind all these. Also the owner of the part is not the bad guy but a smart and sweet grandpa and the kids love him. Why? Because he dedicates time to them.

Continuing with amazing views of the island with lots of green, a magnificent first contact with some dinosaurs to leave a mist of mystery. What a masterpiece. The movie also puts philosophical issues about the creation of species and the intervention of human in the evolution of nature when at the time such stuff were some kind of taboo.

Dinosaurs are dangerous. Do you know how you know it? Because of the subtle movements of eyes and breathing that makes you feel these are real living beasts. And also it is completed by the atmosphere of humans being hunted by smart beings. What a masterpiece.

The owner of the park, the archaeologists, the kids and a the basic characters are fans of dinosaurs. You are also excited to see a dinosaur movie which makes you automatically feel special. What a movie.

I really said enough. Everything turned into an "just exit the island alive" situation. All actors did what they supposed to do. It is 1993 and all dinosaurs look absolutely great. The movie treats you with respect. That is all. Enjoy. Maybe enjoy it again sometime.

Favourite quotes:
"Malcolm: Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should."
"Malcolm: That is one big pile of shit."
"Dodgson: You shouldn't use my name. Dennis: Dodgson, Dodgson, we've got Dodgson here! See nobody cares."