Lightyear (2022): Captain America vibes

Well this is awkward for me to say but it is pleasant to hear Chris Evans as the voice of Buzz lightyear. However, it is not awkward at all to say that its one of the best first acts ever! The opening and setup of the movie has everything! Only our protagonist is on the spotlight which is well deserved. An emotional rollercoaster only 10 minutes into the movie is totally awesome, every explanation of the sci-fi scenes and time travel is well done and the comedy relief is welcome.

It is funny how time-travel got so mainstream and well executed in several movies as time goes by and this one is no exception. On the contrary, every scene dealing with that is light and understandable while also giving both fun and serious vibes.

As always, there is no absence of clichés. However, every single one is executed tastefully and fast. As a prime example, Lightyear figures out lightning-fast that decommissioning his cat is an act to shut down efforts to return to earth as the goal of his primary mission.

On the other hand, as the movie goes on, the action gets a little overwhelming. It could use some chopping like it does excellently on other moments. Also the comic relief starts to be all over the place and happening in moments that do not need de-escalation, but maybe its just me.


Generally, you get tons of “Captain America” vibes which is not bad at all but in the end this makes Captain America kinda “pop culture” from now on. There are a bit too much of “last-second-moments” but the movie flows gently. Focusing on the mouth watering scenes that are tastefully scattered throughout the movie makes up for some sessions.

Favourite quotes

  • “Buzz: Oh Look, There’s No One One Trying To Think Over There.”
  • “Sox: I Bought You Five Minutes.”