Mission: Impossible III (2006): Triad Tussles

7.4/10Mission: Impossible III
Triad Tussles

Just when you thought Cruises hair couldnt get any longer, he’s back with some gravity-defying antics. He’s hanging off planes, scaling skyscrapers, and infiltrating secret bases. All while attempting to maintain a believable romantic subplot. Yeah, sure, Tommy boy. We understand. You do all of that and still have time to woo the lady. Too bad all the explosions and stunts cant distract us from the plot holes you could drive a double-decker bus through. But who cares? Were just here for the popcorn, right?


Cruise reprises his role as Ethan Hunt, agent extraordinaire – part-time spy, full-time action figure. Hes trying to juggle his secretive job and his enviable love life when a ruthless arms dealer puts a damper on his plans. The villain, who seems to have a PhD in lurking in shadows and making menacing threats, has a weapon that could overshadow a microwave in devastation potential. Hence, Hunt and his multicultural gumshoe gang traverse the globe to prevent an explosive bad hair day for humanity.


The movie boasts a plot with holes so vast, a black hole might feel overlooked. It’s a world where Ethan surviving a demolished bridge while actually on it is reasonable, and the villains conveniently wait for him to reload his gun. Pure Cruise-controlled madness.

Good stuff? Stunts thatll make your palms sweaty, and Tom Cruise still proves he’s the king of run-acting. The action scenes are pure adrenaline shots, making you forget where you are for a moment. The bad? Cruise’s character is as deep as a kiddie pool, and the story seems an afterthought, hastily glued together between stunts. Not to mention the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it character development. The supporting cast deserves better than being mere cardboard cutouts to prop up Cruise’s invincible superman.

Cruise channels more Cruise than ever before, defying age and logic with each leap and punch. The rest of the cast are largely wasted, mere accessories to the main event. Director J.J. Abrams definitely knows action, but the storyline feels like a casualty of war. Heres hope for next time.


In a nutsell, the movie is an over-the-top adrenaline cocktail. This is for lovers of real seat-gripping, edge-living action. If excessive plot elicits your yawns and youd rather watch Tom Cruise out-Cruise himself, this ones for you. Go in expecting stunts defying logic and laws of physics. Remember, enjoy the popcorn, because if you came for the plot, you may feel a little – lets say mission: puzzled. In the end, you cant help but enjoy this rollercoaster full of implausible, but entertaining craziness.