Replicas (2018): covering deaths that easy

Replicas begins with scientists working on a project that transfers mind and consciousness from a human to a robot. In our story Keanu Reeves who leads his team nearly gets fired for not bringing results. Going for some weekend vacation with his family which loves very dearly. Unfortunately, there is a huge storm while driving and guess what is happening. Practically there are no spoilers but I have to warn you: Spoiler Alert! His family dies in the crash. And we learned that none should mess with anything that John Wick cares about. And now Neo has to choose between the red pill and the blue pi... alright I am sorry, I am kidding. Well, he tries to make successful and conscious clones of his family.

From this point onward Keanu tries to cover the fact that his family died until their clones grow up. After that the struggle to achieve a normal life is extraordinary. However there are so many things missing. (Spoiler again) Like the little kid that is missing from (lets say) everywhere? Even if someone very intelligent and organized with a bulletproof plan would not be possible to pull this off. It is a nice try however. Plus you can enjoy the action which is really intense and interesting from that point of view.

It is like a B-tier movie with a big budget. Obviously Keanu is not in a role he is used to, but he is trying to cope with this really hard and somewhat succeeds. The rest of the acting is bellow average. It is watchable but not recommended. While you try and want to sympathise the protagonist, you can not because there are very few things that you would also do if you were in his place. At least the coding is on point. No fast typing to hack NASA, no over-complicated phrases. Just executing scripts on a nice terminal with fancy visual feedback.

The only thing you can keep from this movie is how someone would react in reality, if he knew he was a clone and his real body died. Well, sort of... At some point even if Keanu's saying somewhat right his wife answers him that he has a wonderful family and a wife that adores him and his family have a scientist. A harsh thing to say nonetheless but that would put anyone into appreciating his family a little more.

Favourite quotes:
"Ed: There is a reason human cloning is banned. What if something horrible goes wrong? Will: Something already has."
"Will: We're the sum total of what has happened to us and how we processed it. That's what makes us us. It's all neurochemistry. Mona: Do you really believe that? That's all I am? Your children? Just pathways, electrical signals and chemistry? You have kids that love you and a wife that adores you and we have a scientist."