Robin Hood (2018):an assasin's creed twist

Hello Robin of Loxley. Where are your parents? Apparently they must be alive to manage your small fort for a house so you care about not seeing marian steeling a horse. By the way your woman does not convince anyone about her British katagogh but is beautiful nonetheless. But boy... you are too "boy" to be a robin hood. I mean not mature enough. Sure your actions speack boldly and maturely, you are cute and good looking but both wisdom and virtues end there. To the movie's own defence, it is clarified from the beginning, to forget everything about the original story.

Overal, it is a different story with little similarities to the old Robin Hood story. Robin is as energetic and as determined as he should be. Nothing wrong with that. John nails his part! He rocks! Enough said for him! Personally, I did not even bother to find any plot holes. Scene transitions, acting and theme are just good enough. Some fancy action, a little romance and a good versus evil theme in the disguise of revenge are what you need to keep you entertained.

When Robin goes to Afganist... ehhh... Arabia, the fighting scene is not believable but intetesting. Many similarities exist between modern tactics of special forces units and Robin's. However in Robin's case, they use bows and fully automatic ballistas. You have to give them a point for that. I doubt that it would work but it is niiice.

In the end you should know not to take the movie seriously if you decide to watch it. It is a good production for time spent home, eating your favourite movie snack, chilling and laughing.

Favourite quotes:
"Robin: We’re just two men. What can we do? John: You’re only powerless if you believe you’re powerless. Follow me, English."
"Robin: So, Marian. Who do you think the thief is? Marian: He’s all of us. That’s what counts."