Shazam (2019): adultified

You grew up in an era where superheroes were born and their personalities and powers where shaped through comics. The probabilities touch 100% that you have imagined yourself to suddenly acquire superpowers. And you have also dreamt of suddenly being an adult. And this is what Shazam is about. A young troublemaker is suddenly chosen to be the next generation wizard and guardian throughout the complicated process of "we have not found someone better so you would do".

Even if the real Shazam might be a little darker or goofier, this is a truly nice big-screen embodiment, given the requirements. While this is all good and fun and play and fight-evil and family-first, a lot of very cringy moments could and should be absent. The cringe meter sits right on the average of the modern cinema movies so I could not demand something better I guess.

Really though, the psychological pressure and bad example of being a mother (even as a mother that clearly abandoned her child) should make this film rated for older audience. It is things like that, where truly matter, not how many f-bombs are dropped.

Now you could blame me for blaming the film about cringy moments while it is "Shazam" and someone should know what to expect right from the beginning. I would say that it is an already fun and truly enjoyable film even with its clichés and plot holes but could be better with less cringe and more thought being put to every character or even better to the relationship between Shazam's new family.


The powerful moral of the story is that even if you are a "bad" kid there is still hope for you. If you are a fan, you did not wait for me to tell you to go and see the movie. You already did. And I am sure you had fun no matter the opinion you had in the end of the movie.

Favourite quotes

  • "Baby: One more job and I’m done? Doc: One more job and we’re straight."
  • "Baby: Wait, wait, wait! I got to start the song over."