Aliens (1986): shameless genocide

Sequel: aliensssss. If you did not get it, there will be many aliens. Not alien. Bad joke. Lets continue. Yeap, once our protagonist is rescued from cryosleep after saving her butt from an unbelievably terrifying and hostile organism and arriving to earth, the company council sign the papers that officially specify her as crazy once they hear her story. Imagine that you are safe from aliens but not from humans. Is this good luck or not? Expanding this logic, why send her to consult the marine team to kill aliens? The same aliens whose existence the council did not believe in?

Generally, the plot is simple. After a prologue, arrive at a planet, find what happened, survive, leave. Buuuuut fortunately, watching the movie is much more interesting than that. Also during the movie I admired the batmobile, the spacecopter and the marine guns! I mean, wow these machines are looking great and bad-ass even after that many years. In the final act, why does a xenomorph let the child live and take it to the hive while killing all the others? On the other hand, call me heartless but saving that child does not make any sense since it is almost certain that the xenomorph would instantly kill the child. And finally, why bother throwing grenades to kill some eggs when there is an explosion imminent the size of a continent?

Now, here comes the copy-paste spoiler break from the previous alien movie: even after tension relief, the movie makes comebacks and punches you again and again and again with plot-twists and more rough situations that are beautifully executed. Same as the previous alien movie, this is a diamond from the past that fortified the alien movies in the cinema world. However, it is crucial to say again that the rhythm is much better. The only thing that might discourage the newer viewers is the part of graphics and special effects. Apart from that, I wish you to enjoy yourselves on the edge of your seats.

Favorite quotes:
"Ripley: Did IQs just drop sharply while I was away?"
"Hudson: Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man? Vasquez: No. Have you?"