Aquaman (2018):hello ladies

Well, it is the origin story of Aquaman. I do not think there needs to be an introduction. Could there be a better actor for Aquaman? I also think not (do you agree ladies?).

The story begins with the birth of Arthur (Aquaman) who has an atlantian origin but now lives above the sea. The atlantian authorities however have started a war to the surface and the journey of Aquaman to stop this war and learn about his self and family begins.

It is a pleasant not-dark theme of a DC movie. Trident fights are done right. Action scenes are taken in delightful one-shot takes. The plot does not make you lose interest. Tasteful jokes are always welcome. Aquaman is the cool guy doing manly stuff enjoying hi self and generally act very "macho" in a way that fits him.

Now, there are several questions I would like to place. How did pirates manage to pirate a military submarine? Why is Manta like a combination of iron man and ant man? Why did they think Aquaman had an interesting first taste of his powers? Were was Aquaman when he met his powers? In an aquarium raising his hands to a shark while the fish look at him. Awesome!

In all honesty even if the movie had not a philosophical approach except from the usual, it was on point. I love cliche-mocking movies with authentic humor in the right circumstances. And apparently this is it. Action in the right amounts. Emotions in the right time. Special effects as they should be. Climax when needed. And finally a good story-line without too much or too little.

Favourite quotes:
"Aquaman: Redheads, you gotta love them."
"Orm: My brother has come from the surface. to challenge me for the throne! Aquaman: I call it an ass-whooping."
"Mera: We need water. You're the closest source. Aquaman: Show-off. I could've just peed on it."