Mortal Engines (2018):steampunk originality

What an original idea! It might remind a steampunk world, which it is from a certain point of view. On this post-apocalyptic world, it is a nice change the fact that big cities are on wheels moving and chasing other smaller ones for resources and societies thrive on top of moving mountains. Mainly because the movie is based on books, the lore is vast! Unfortunately not every detail and small story fits in. However, everything feels fresh in this rotten world. From old and new technologies to weapons. From resurrected people to society classes. From dystopian hunting grounds to steampunk floating towns.

Obviously there is a huge amount of luck for any part of the scenario to work but it is a common practice and it is done very subtle so I do not mind. However, the problem I do have lies in the time things are done. Seriously, the final and most important piece of the puzzle to create the "ultimate weapon" could not have been inside their reach since god knows how long and yet the scientists and engineers managed to combine everything together, calibrate without testing and finally have a weapon of mass destruction ready in a matter of a few hours. They created a weapon not a freaking time machine!

Each scene of the huge machinery inspires awe. Characters are so well embodied and actors chosen carefully that you feel connected with most of them which is a huge deal in such a movie. Their style is obvious which also helps to speed things up. There is a little drama over the top here and there but it never hurt anyone. Really, a lot happen in the movie and it is a job well done on having a nice balance. No comic-relief but with a big lesson for our current society, interesting, fresh and as dark and smart as it should be, I am happy such movies exist.

Favourite quotes:
"Valentine: The man who controls this, controls the world."