Escape Room (2019):aka fail compilation

I do not know what was the ultimate goal of the idea behind such a project but it is not a movie. It is a decent quality Internet video where the planets align and shit take place.

A good effort where the mechanisms of the escape room are very clever. However the execution quality and the problem solving skills of the six strangers swing from "200 IQ" to "dumber than rocks". At least there is no "going alone to the dark basement when there are 10 murders in the neighborhood" type of scenes involved.

The movie has an identity problem. It struggles between genres but the change is welcome because in my humble opinion we must embrace pioneers. There is not much more to say for a movie that you would not know who the protagonist or protagonists is/are if you had not seen the film poster and that there are some huge mistakes in the script. When I say huge mistakes, I mean "missing vast mechanisms and electronic equipment and several tons of water gone in hours without anyone noticing" huge mistakes.


Not thriller enough for a thriller night, not serious enough for a proper movie but maybe fun enough for a movie-time evening.

Favourite quotes

  • "Cornelius: You want to control your life, but life isn’t a science experiment. You can’t contain your world forever."