Dark Phoenix (2019): breaking timelines


Having a big legacy and decent expectations to fulfill, with a first thought, the Dark Phoenix exceeds them.

And sooner or later, here comes the catch. Beginning with the usual child that is presented as a bad-ass little girl but deep down you see a face to punch (kidding... partially), the origin story of the Phoenix as a character is both awesome and predictable.

While the movie punches you in the face instead and some characters die (no major spoilers in the article), the previous set timelines of the X-MEN universe are broken. Do not fear! There are sweet moments where subtle and shy X-Men turn into savage killing machines. In fact there are some very welcome incidents of such actions. Enjoy them!

Now what kind of villain could antagonize an overpowered creature like Jean Grey?While I personally respect the fact that our "villains" take advantage of the broken mentality of Jean. However, either you have seen the movie or not, you know that the Phoenix force is a very powerful entity and each team in the X-Men universe tries to exploit some of Jean's weaknesses, which is not a bad thing every time.


Overall, the Dark Phoenix as a movie has not much plot-holes and is easily watched. The music is great and adds the hype when needed, Xavier impersonated by Mr McAvoy adds a very distinct flavor as always and the general story is interesting even if the focus is much less in the Phoenix as a protagonist. By all means, watch the movie if you are a Marvel or X-Men fan.

Favourite quotes

  • "Jean: You think you can fix me? Xavier: Jean, you are not broken."
  • "Xavier: The mind is a fragile thing. It takes only the slightest to tip in the wrong direction."