Gemini Man (2019): lots of good and bad

At this point, having Will Smith in a movie is like playing in a casino. There is a wide range of expected results.

In Gemini Man, Henry Brogan (Will Smith) is an over-the-top and retiring world class assassin where for some reason finds himself hunted by his own clone. The clone, called Junior (also Will Smith) is a result of a military project. The plan is to make an army of clones from the worlds best soldiers. You know where this is going.

The movie is a nice mix of good and bad elements (I can not put this better on paper). As a psychologically broken assassin, Henry tries to survive the hunt and make things right while creating a father-son relationship with Junior who is hunting him.

As an action and sci-fi movie, there are a lot of realistic elements and also a lot of fast-forwarded scenes where are border-line annoying. At the end of the day I want to see Will Smith kicking ass and getting kicked in the ass by Will Smith while having several existential questions floating around.


While I did enjoyed watching Gemini man, it could be a better movie but it could also be worse for several reasons. It is a nice marriage of good and bad, young and old, psychology and action.

Favourite quotes

  • "Henry: I'm not gonna shoot you! Junior: Mind if I shoot you?"
  • "Verris: Why not? You should be flattered. Henry: You should be dead."
  • "Baron: AMF? Zakarweski: Adios Mother Fucker"