Jurassic Park 3 (2001):science finds a way

Kirby Industries ladies and gentlemen. That is proper marketing. Do you want people to get you seriously and be a millionaire in the eyes of mortals? You introduce your home-equipment shop as Kirby Industries. Also, it is 2001 and in the first minutes of the movie a 3D-printer was used to create the sound-making instrument of raptors! How awesome is that?

Remember the paleontologist from the first movie? Well he and his university student grab the opportunity of their lifetime! Or so they think they do. A divorced couple lost their son when he went for a trip over the Jurassic park and they came up with a fraud to trick Dr. Alan Grant in order to help them find their lost son. So a picnic with guns was organised and our story begins.

Of-course, if I was Dr. Alan Grant, I would be also mad if anyone would trick me into placing my foot at the nightmarish island which I barely escaped last time but set my differences aside until I escaped again. However, I am also extremely interested in seeing what happened after the movie. What did Dr. Alan Grant do, because I did not see him angry at all.

Generally the movie is stuffed with action and a sensitive touch of family reunion exists. Speaking of dinosaur action, it was about time we saw flying dinosaurs. Pterodactyls living in the "bird" cage are terrifying beasts, used very well to create tension and fill the movie. Of course there are genuine problems and solutions. However I do not want to get into details about the location of the satellite phone and how the survivors retrieved it.

Acting was not the best but I can not complain because there are obviously much worse, plus it does not affect the movie that much because the overall theme is the survival in a dinosaur island and everything else is just dressing in a delicious cake. So, is it the end of the Jurassic trilogy I wanted? No. Is it a good movie? Kind of. Did I enjoy the dinosaurs? Yes.

Favourite quotes:
"Eric Kirby: read both of your books. I liked the first one more. Before you were on the island. You liked dinosaurs back then. Alan Grant: Back then they hadn't tried to eat me yet."
"Alan Grant: Reverse Darwinism - survival of the most idiotic."
"Alan Grant: This is T-Rex pee? How'd you get it? Eric Kirby: You don't wanna know."
"Amanda Kirby: This is how you make dinosaurs? Alan Grant: No, this is how you play god."