Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

The movie respects you. So, respect the movie. It is not a perfect movie. Not even by a long-shot. However even from the first 10-15 minutes you know deep inside it is a really good one.

The scenario tries to do a lot and add variety but misses some points here and there. HUGE SPOILER guys... the original Peter Parker dies and multiple alternative Spider-Men (and Women) are introduced from other universes. This addition of heroes is welcome up to an extend. Having a not-so-successful Peter Parker from another universe adds reality to the world. Having 2 female spider-women is also nice. However, when it comes to a Nazi-fighting spider-man, a cartoon spider-pig and a mech-spider-man would be nice if there was enough time to bond with the characters. Obviously these additions exist for the shake of comic relief and variety but not much else. You feel nothing when something bad happens to them even though you should. Also the jokes made around these characters are screaming from 2-3 universes away.

Ahhh... aunt May... I expected so much more and so much less at the same time. We know that she is the loving, wise and a-little-fragile woman. This is not embraced at all. Maybe the goal was to show a dynamic side of aunt May but it is clearly not what the character of aunt May is like. She may know that Peter is-was Spider-Man but she has no idea about tech, she is not a leader and she is obviously not the type that would wait in a basement drinking tea, for our hero to come and turn around saying to him that it took him long enough to come there. Such a style might be good and welcome if it was not the character of aunt May. It is unfortunately the undisputed biggest disappointment of the movie.

Well, mischiefs happen. Maybe not all hero additions and aunt May are on point but you know what is? Miles Morales inheriting the spider gift. This kid could be you. And you are attached to him. It is the friendly kid going to school, doing both goofy and cool stuff. It is the kid trying to balance his life. He also admires Spider-man and is very sad about his death. You understand him. You understand the pace he tries to fit into the Spider-Man role.

You know what is also on point? The unsuccessful Peter Parker, Gwen, Kingpin... the list goes on... Peter Parker is fat and you know life was not kind to the universe he came from. You also feel the struggle. Gwen is the female character that cares and helps our protagonist and in the end they are only friends, nailing that part of the deal. The villains rock. Kingpin hates Peter-Parker for a good reason and the journey on killing him is not pointless at all. The cool uncle of Miles is a bad-ass villain with a bad-ass and chilling music theme.

The fights and action scenes are fantastic. The moves are original and feel very fresh. They also kind-of fit into the cartoon style of the movie, enhancing the effect. Most jokes are well done. The plot has very few holes and keeps you interested throughout the movie. Do not see it with an attitude of watching a cartoon. This is a serious and truly good Spider-Man movie.

Favourite quotes:
"Security Guard: I know you snuck out last night, Morales. Miles Morales: [Thinking: Play dumb!] Who’s Morales? [Thinking: Not that dumb!]"
"Peter B. Parker: Take that off. It’s disrespectful. Spider-Man doesn’t wear a cape."
"Spider-Man: Hey, kid. You're like me. How?"
"Miles: Dad, speed up. I know these kids!"