Alien³ (1992): a peace zone

Third movie opening done right. Showing juicy clips from facehuggers, explosions, androids while rolling the entry titles. And our protagonist from the previous alien movies, crash landed. Now supposed you saw at least the previous two movies. So brace yourselves for the spoiler. Not a single bullet was fired.

Spoiler free from now on, there are some epic characters there. One lunatic or two. A bad-ass religious man giving great speeches. An unlucky genius. All of them memorable prisoners. In their struggle to be memorable however, some of them have developed a new type of mental suicidal craziness. But you know... deep space prisoners.

As for the plot. Well you know, it is full of problem solving. And you will love it all the way. Of course, like in the rest movies there are plot twists. And you love it even more. You also get to see some love from Ripley, which is the last human nature you get to see from her... wink wink.

What can I say? Amazing movie and very resourceful. An environment with no real weapons adds a new depth in the plot. Still fresh from the previous millennium having a lot to teach even to newer blockbusters.

Favorite quotes:
"Frank:Treat a queen like a whore and a whore like a queen."