Alita(2019): one-man-army in training

First of all Christoph Waltz is always a win. I do not know how he does it but he is THE best support actor period. Now... Christoph Waltz is a cyborg doctor who found in the scrapyard the remains of a powerful alive cyborg which he rebuilt, giving her the cyborg body he designed for his dead daughter Alita. Of course this is a cyberpunk world where the ultimate dream is to reach the last of the floating cities that where damaged during the great war. It is a shame that not a lot of this interesting lore is explained but this absence is easily and cleverly concealed and also justified by the duration of the film.

It is also easily understandable, by the way of my writing, that Alita is a great sci-fi film. As the prologue has passed, some cyborg-human cliche but not so cringy romance is not missing. Sure, a lot of things are involved around the identity of Alita where she struggles to find her lost memories and identity while also trying to keep her the human nature.

The action continuously escalates with the help of underdog-style but heavy kicking fighting and interesting villains that fulfill the roles of scary muscle, intelligent planning and interesting revenge from each of the characters.

On this point it has to be said that there are some noticeable or annoying plot holes like a clearly wrong accusation for murder and another clear ignorance of top level players in the most popular game of the film's universe to name a few.

Well... something we learned from John Wick is that nothing ends well if you kill a dog. Anyway the friends of the kind will totally appreciate the


A tasteful combination of all kinds of action, meaningful characters and absorbing plot, makes Alita a great film and probably and hopefully the start of other films.

Favourite quotes:

  • "Alita: *FACK* Your Mercy"
  • "Alita: I do not standby in the presence of evil!"