Batman Begins (2005): to do meditation

The origin story is already established in the previous post, so consider this a copy-paste. What happens after the origin story is the return of Bruce Wayne to Gotham, his home city, which is threatened as usual by (SPOILER ALERT) the same guy who trained Bruce, plus his team (SPOILER ALERT ENDS).

The choice and luck to get Liam Neeson to play the villain is fantastic as it gives a very strong note of seriousness because even if the threat to the city is very real, the darkness of the movie does not enable the viewer to see deeply into the script the whole time. It is agreed that the addition of the character of Scarecrow is well done but there are some details like this that creates the need of the movie to be seen twice to appreciate the script, characters and the whole “grip-the-armrests-really-strong” fun of the movie.

The police and opinion of the people of Gotham represents the other side of the coin and add another dimension to the movie. While it is clear that the thoughts of the audience will always be “why in hell do you try to capture Batman when he clearly protects you” accompanied by the universal open-face-up-palmed-confused-hand-gesture, the idea of Batman will start to grow and establish as a vigilante. This makes the life of Batman harder for this and the rest of the movies. In the end, this the DARK knight a happy ending is not sure. Of course Bruce lives to shoot the other movies but it is all about how it all ends.

Needless to say, Batman Begins is a great movie and a great foundation of the other two Batman movies. If you are that kind of person, you will find yourself re-watching this movie throughout the years.

Favorite quotes:
"Batman: It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me."
"Alfred: Why do we fall sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up."