The Dark Knight (2008)

Second movie The Dark Knight: RIP Heath Ledger. From the trailer we see the Joker, this crazy-ass mofo is a lot of fun, a huge desire to pass a message and with a negative score of morals. The movie goes straight into action by slaughtering thieves, robing banks, shooting guns and having the first plot twist under 5 minutes. If you ask me quality openings are of course for quality movies.

When the sadistic Joker saw Batman, our beloved lunatic mastermind fell in love with him. As in all stories of true love, Joker knows that Batman is the millionaire Bruce Wayne. Joker wants to send his own message to the world by hunting politicians, lawyers, policemen, burning money, blowing things up, putting his head out of the window while driving, doing magic tricks, blowing more things up and generally being a kick-ass villain that in my humble opinion will be remembered for generations to come.

Batman also experiences true love with a critical character from a previous movie even if this character is played by a different actor (screw these movies dude – pay some more and get the same actor). The worst that happens to Batman in this movie is that there is a constant struggle between him and Joker that put Batman in a situation to confront everything Batman believes in order not to deal with everything, but in order to make the right sacrifices in order to deal with everything. Hell yeah, action, horror, philosophy and sci-fi all in one movie.

While Joker steals the show both literally and figuratively, all characters have their own reason to exist but this also reduces the time Bruce/Batman appears on screen. If you think about it, its OK because “things” happen and the viewer is forced to think how the hell will Batman deal with the current situation. It is a long movie with lots of changes of scenery that keeps you on edge from start to finish. If not, then why have not you seen it already?

Favorite quotes:
"Joker: Madness, as you know, is like gravity, all it takes is a little push."
"Alfred: Some men just want to watch the world burn."