How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

Prepare for a journey to find inner self and mapping the known and unknown world by riding a dragon during the viking era. What do ya know! Also did you notice how condescending Hiccup's girl is now? And how Hiccup is now a young man and not a kid? Well now that the story unravels, authority problems and freedom issues still continue to exist. Not that I have a problem with that of course. Speaking of problems, why does a viking have dreadlocks and how can he anyway?

Judging the graphics and animations you can see the improvement 4 years can make. Hair, shadows and movements are smoother compared to the first movie. Do you remember the goofy design of the dragons? Well scratch that. Now most dragons are bad-ass either small or big. The jokes reliefs are several but more than welcome. Story is interesting and each family figure is spot on. Overall, a worthy successor of the first How to train your dragon.

Favorite quotes:
"Stoick: For you, my dear...anything."
"Astrid: That's your mother?! Hiccup: Now you know where I get my dramatic flair!"
"Gobber: That's why I never married, well, that and another reason."