How to Train Your Dragon 3 (2019)

Dragon utopia is what Hiccup calls his city. Now guess what happens. Toothless falls in love and there is a new smart villain. Of course good must prevail and Hiccup matures into a leader. Boy, I love the villain here. He is a patient and manipulative tactician and borderline psycho. Unfortunately, there are some small plot holes throughout the move but nothing too serious.

Now, I can not stress this enough. Huge spoiler alert: Why did Hiccup make the whole city move just to save Toothless. In addition to that, everyone knew they could defend themselves much better in their own city. That is a minus dear movie. I know it is for the sake of adventure but the plot could give more reasons for the city to move.

Lets continue to the joke relief section. What do you expect? The movie is full of it. The most awkward is the flirt Toothless does but I will be honest, I personally do not like most parts including such goofy flirts. Anyway, humour has also matured since the other two movies, while swinging between general funny moments and funny dragon-love moments. This makes you think that Hiccups mother is missing some airtime but I guess if mother-issues were introduced the movie would feel very stuffed and unpleasant at some point. So, in the end, I am not complaining.

I really do recommend every How to train your dragon movie for everyone. Pleasing plot with an interesting theme, life lessons and of course dragons in a cute disguise. Good old good-vs-evil approach with the unfortunate but necessary loss of the father figure this is a great movie.

Favorite quotes:
"Grimmel: One day you're gonna pick a fight you can't win."
"Astrid: Now that’s a king."
"Hiccup: She’s more like a bright… Astrid: A Light Fury. Hiccup: Yeah, yours is better probably."