Johnny English Trilogy (2003-2018): not a cringe-fest

Juicy juicy movies for such articles. Classic underdog stories for our protagonist to save the world. In the first movie Mr. Bean (come on, who calls him Rowan Atkinson?) tries to stop a french guy who happens to be the hair of the crown of England from be crowned a king of England. Apparently I have a small question to ask. If the french guy made the queen quit, and he would either way be crowned a king, why on earth did the french guy bother to steal the crown in the first place? Bragging rights? Really I got nothing on this. In the second movie, Johnny leaves meditation in Tibet to serve his country and save the world while facing the Chinese mafia and mind controlling drugs. In the third movie, Johnny tries to cope with the modern era of social networks and digital terrorism. However, since johnny saved his country already twice, why did the minister did not believe him when johnny said that the man who will host the servers is actually a traitor?

In the end, all three movies are a huge paranormal activity. I guess everything is allowed in a comedy. There are small inaccuracies everywhere but Rowan Atkinson is a beast, a gifted and charismatic actor. He makes the movies worth seeing even after the big cringe-fest during all three of them.

Favorite quotes:
"Pegasus: We have a problem. Johnny English: Good."
"Johnny English: You’re looking particularly beautiful tonight. Children: You’re looking particularly beautiful tonight."
"Johnny English: All right, so I was wrong about the Archbishop's bottom."