The Butterfly Effect (2004): rewind time

Chaos theory. Perfect. We who live in the 21st century are experts in chaos. Now brace yourselves because we have a dark and intelligent movie ahead of us. The butterfly effect is not perfect by any means and I am sad to say that we could make fun about the script when "this" happened while "that" could happen, but this is the point of the whole movie.

It is not an easily digestible plot. There are sensitive material everywhere and there is barely no break throughout the movie. Once you hit play, you watch a constant race to the finish line. You might find it exciting and you might find it boring but this is undeniably intelligent plot. To make things easier here is a mild spoiler. In this movie, when time-traveling, you go back in time the same timeline and carry the same memories but in your younger body. This way you can change the future from the period you chose to go.

Generally, it is a mediocre movie, if you consider acting, budget and overall atmosphere. On the other hand, this is a small diamond. An exceptional and original movie that is not afraid to get some blood on the hands that touches many parts of modern lifestyle and social circles. For the above reasons, it is subjectively a great movie but not 100% recommended to watch.

Favorite quotes:
"Evan: So, should I suck your dick now?"
"Kayleigh: Hurry up, I want a quickie before school!"
"Tommy: You forgot to put the toaster on the ledge."