Mowgli (2018): save the story

What an eye pleasing movie. All 3D effects are spotless. Mouth movements of all the beasts are accurate. Mowgli as an actor is much better than someone would expect. The story is also believable as far as you can deal with clever talking animals that communicate with a single human.

What is there to blacken in this movie, I hear you ask. There is a kinda stupid flaw. that many movies share. Well yes dear Mwogli, take your time and talk when you need to kill. Stare into infinity and beyond when you need to slaughter. You too dear tiger, please do explain all your emotions from a decade or more ago when it is killing time even if you are a heartless mofo. Finally, dear hunter, you know that the kid can understand only body or facial expressions at best. Why do you bother speaking to him to explain anything?

It is agreed that the plot must make the viewer and Mowgli hate the hunter but this way is obviously not the best or clever enough way to achieve this. At least the plot shows that the Mowgli knows that he is not strong enough to go head on with the tiger. Thing like this and some other plot twists and inner conflicts are the salt and pepper of the movie. Generally, this Mowgli movie has a dark shadow all around which pairs well with the theme while being easily digestible.

Favourite quotes:
"Mowgli: If I ever see you here again, I will set your hide ablaze and watch you burn alive."