The Predator (2018): you massacred my boy

First of all that kid did not have social problems because he was in the spectrum but because his mother was choosing that he will have a neanderthal hut for a haircut. But man oh man… what a cliche-less movie!!! Personally I was expecting an energy-shield deployment kill long ago from other movies but this one made it happen in a flawless way.

Acting is not at its best but most of them perform satisfactorily. Nothing else was missing but a dog and the addition was spot on. The kill count is high which is something that you do not expect the way it is done. This is the reason you feel the movie hits you in the face emotionally but you do not feel sad at all! It is really funny how entertained you feel after all these messy things happening. However I can not baptize the movie based on the plot. It is a sci-fi for sure but it feels like the plot type is a mix of overcoming the monster and good vs Evil that transforms into a quest to acquire the gifts to mankind. Oh sorry. Spoiler alert!

Favourite quotes:
"Casey Bracket: That’s not a predator, that’s a sports hunter. A predator kills its prey to survive. What you’re describing is more like a bass fisherman. Traeger: Well, we took a vote, Predator is cooler. Right?"
"Baxley: Fuck me in the face with an aardvark!"