Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Being the final movie of the trilogy, this movie sets high standards of how blockbuster movies should be. Arthritics have knelled ‘theBtmaaaaan’ who has gone to a self exile but still likes to throw parties at his home. However a cat-burglar and a city terrorist force Bruce Wayne out of his comfort zone… I meant exile. However its been like half an hour into the movie and I still cant understand what AN ICONIC VILLAIN AND AN IMPORTANT CHARACTER IS SAYING! Guess who might be.

The movie tries to make us think that batman is back into action but even if he is healed with kicks, gadgets and punches he has gotten his ass kicked several times. It is the intention that counts. Oh I almost forgot that there is Robin in the movie! What? He looks like Robin, he acts like Robin, he has the attitude of Robin so the movie in the end leaves a very very small and subtle hint that he is Robin. Still no spoiler here.

While these happen, you think about Bane’s ideas and perception of the society and the system. That is some quality food for thought in all Batman’s movies. However also in the meantime Bruce Wayne trusts a random businesswoman for no reason and tries to make babies with her. Bruce has a romantic side as well. Bravo! I have to admit though that he would make babies with Catwoman first but it was a pleasant plot twist. Throughout the movie the act of everyone (except the guys that Batman beats) is outstanding.

Once again the Batman trilogy sets some standards. Anyway Bruce gets beaten, sent literally to the other side of the earth and teleports back to Gotham where he once again saves the day with undoubtedly precious help from everyone and “big-number” megaton nuclear bomb explodes outside the city but none cares about the radiation. But in the end Bruce is a smart guy and goes for a coffee with Catwoman in Saint-Tropez.

Favorite quotes:
"Fox: And yes, Mr. Wayne, it does come in black."
"Bane: Ahh, you think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it. Molded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was a man. But it was nothing to me but blinding."