Jumper (2008): not a star wars story

Hello Anakin, how are y… ooo you can teleport? Alright which planet are you toda… earth in Egypt? But… You were the chosen one! Ok that was a weird start alongside the first exposition. Oh you are a jumper OK I see. So Samuel O Jackson is not in the Jedi council. Well, the exposition in the intro is cool indeed but is followed by a teeerrible story of school life and the moment he realized his power. But please do not tell me that there is a cooler and cuter (hello girls) thief out there.

Well, Anakin uh David learns the hard way that a group of people chase the jumpers. Also he learns that there is a machine that allows the bad guys to follow the jumpers when they teleport. The way it happens leads to the question of: Why does not any jumper teleport over lava or wait with a pair of machine guns. And I am willing to forgive these and all other plot holes because the movie is awesome to watch!

Favorite quote:
“Millie: Are you telling me you’re a bank robber? David: Small part”