Smallfoot (2018): an alien movie

A community of Yetis exile our main young and goofy protagonist who claimed to see a "human" (called a smallfoot) and tries to bring evidence. What do they all eat in that mountain? Well, I will excuse this because of the nice violent sense of humour. But yet again, is this how gravity really works? Anyway, I think we passed the worst and we can enjo... musical? Really? I get this is a 6+ kids movie but why so much cringe? (What have you done Disn... shhh we do not speak of that.)

Apparently there is not much to say about this nice family movie. Sure there is a hidden message of not fearing the unknown while having the complexity of older authority and changing the minds of a crowd, this is an easily digestible script which also puts us in a place to see humanity from a different point of view (Is this how my pet sees me?). Humour scenes are above average most of the time, joke-relief characters are also good enough and human behaviour is done well based on the personality of the characters. PS: search for the cast.

Favourite quotes:
"Migo: Ahh! Please don’t die! Please don’t die! Please don’t die!"